splitting headache
Long Island, NY
MSW & Cocreator of Roadie Zine
instagram: @emilydomb
Getting wedding ready! #shegotstrauched  (at Monroe Nails)
Hiked bear mountain today

My food guilt is off the charts right now :(


EMILY WE HAVE SO MANY PICTURES I DIDNT KNOW WHERE TO START but Happy Birthday I love you splitting—headache <3333

Literally, would be lost without my tay tay. Thanks for being the best friend I could ask for taylorfoerster <3
Had a great birthday adventure thanks to @xlumpywojx đź’ž (at Constitution Marsh Audubon Center And Sanctuary)
Some birthday hiking with @xlumpywojx  (at Bear Mountain State Park)
Happy birthday to me, I got showered in free people clothes this morning :)